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Welome to my dream journal, where i document weird shit that happens in my dreamz!!


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i dont exactly remember how old i was, but i do remember the dream. i used to sleep in the living room. i wake up while the sun was still rising, and i saw my sofa (that was near the front door) had a few items. it was for me. there was fishnet stockings, makeup, hello kitty hairbrush, and an outfit that just screams "i like to sexualise children". my mom then leaves her room to tell me to get ready. so i did and i looked like a whore. i go to my car, and went ot a building for possibly an event. i then go to the rooftop, where the event is settled. a few students looked at me in awe, the teacher was impressed at my outfit, and the people wearing upin dan ipin costumes looked at me. i felt like a star. i just walked and i thought i was a girlboss. i wake up and there was no fishnets or anything. i tried to ask my mom about it, but i didnt know what they were called so i tried to describe it to her.


me and my aunt was in an empty mall, and we were dancing around in the sad enviroment. she then suddenly held my arms, and throw me onto an active escelator, killing me with me with my insides splurging out

8th of November, 2020

i was in a roblox game that doesnt exist. it was a weird hello kitty horror game, and she was chasing me in the backrooms. i did a few puzzles, and then i go into this dark room with a kid playing on a computer.

14th of December, 2020

i was in a house that had a skull underneath a bathroom tile entrance. i was on my phone, looking up on houses near rivers. the bathroom door and the skull rattled, and i didnt check what's causing it because i thought there was a weird creature in there. i go outside and the forest surrounding my house was extremely beautiful. my house, however, wasnt.

2nd of January, 2021

i was floating in an area, and i floated my way onto a 2nd floor store's window. i open the window, and water was spewing out of the window. once the water finished emptying, i tried to go into the room, and my head got stuck mid-way into the window. i then wake up, with a slight pressure pain that felt like a line, on the exact place where my head got stuck

6th of January, 2021

i was in space, and i decided to throw a rock in the atmosphere. i then just hung out in space, flying around. suddenly, there were memes like robin from teen titans go getting kicked out of an elevator

15th of April, 2021

i was with my grandma, and she wasnt dead. i kept asking my grandma if i can sit next to her. we both go onto a few adventures. i woke up crying.

30th of May, 2021

i was going through my phone, checking twitter. i then decided to look up 'Indonesia', and there were no results of it. i then looked it up on google, and indonesia didnt exist.

8th of June, 2021

i killed my own brother with a revolver

16th of June, 2021

me and my 4 friends were hanging out in a hallway, and there was a japanese killer chasing after us. all of us seperated, and we hid in each room. all of my friends died because they were hiding in bad places. i tried to get his attention by yelling at the killer.

21st of June, 2021

there was nothing, but i slept for 6.5 hours

28th of June, 2021

i was playing hide and seek, and it felt real, like i was in it. i was getting chased by the seeker, who was a glowing red stickman, but failed. he then proceeds to shoot me in the head. all of the sudden, all of us turned into lemon demon from fnf.

8th of July, 2021

boyfriend was hanging out with a few girls in one of the girl's bedroom. i then notice that carol was getting bullied, so i tried to stop it. she then left the room via a portal that leads her to the streets.

6th of August, 2021

i got pushed off of a building, but then sonic came to save me.

8th of August, 2021

there was a giant wasp right in front of me. the wasp wasnt moving, it was just standing there, mid-air.

19th of September, 2021

i was at a field, and invited my friends to come over. all of them arrived on time, which was weird but i didnt question it. ling (he/they) was messing around with a snapping turtle, my other two male friends was playing football. i then go into my house, which was slightly altered, to get my phone. i changed my wallpaper to the moon from zelda, that was red in a black background. i then get a notification saying something i dont quite remember, but the notif box was black and it had blood as the border. i go on youtube, and the videos were all about the red moon. i was really scared, plus my phone camera kept turning on. i then get a notification for an update, but i didnt turn it off, so i hid my phone under my couch. i go outside, only to see my old school, altered. i was wearing my backpack, too. i then see my old counseling teacher leading me to the field. the field went from a small hexagon area to an entire football arena with a blink of an eye. the place was crowded too. i go to the entrance, and my counseling teacher started to yell "TEN-HUT!". i was very confused and didnt know what to do, so i looked around the football arena, and thats when i woke up.

30th of September, 2021

i was in this school, that's so big it looked like a cathedral. there was a haunted mansion right beside it too. i decided to go to the haunted mansion by making a bicycle on my own. it was nighttime, at around 11pm - 1am. there were some with guns and fireworks, so i decided to bring my own too. i got a hush puppy, a notebook, a pair of eyeglasses, and my bicycle to there. before i even get to go into the mansion, there was a sudden earthquake. the teacher tries to calm us down by saying that the earthquake is from hong kong. i go on top of a bouncy castle, that was outside of the school. then the ground breaks, and there was a giant creature made of the earth. it eats everything that's near it, and proceeds to go back to the ground.

18th of October, 2021

a random kid in school commits arson right in front of everyone. the kid had a shirt with text i don't remember, and his name was 'poi'. he has a brother named 'ko', who has pink hair. me and my uncle was on a balcony, and my cat called 'bingus' proceeds to jump off. the living room looked very similar to my old religon school. green walls, green wallpaper on the floor, a black couch in the front, and a table with magazine beside it. ko then proceeds to pour a lot of cooking oil, causing half of the living room to be flooded. he then pulls out an electric lighter, and sets the oil on fire. the other family was screaming, yet theyre both trapped. i was standing there, in my room watching it all go down. ko then runs into my room, and i let him in. he then pulls out a wig and a flute, and i kick him out of my room. he plays the flute whilst wearing the wig.

6th of November, 2021

me, adventurer cookie, stolas, blitzo, a random ghost child, and a dead body was playing hide and seek. the body, stolas, and the ghost child was it. so i moved the body, into an unused classroom. stolas and the ghost child went into the unused room too. i go to where adventurer cookie and blitzo was, and counted. we then go find the body. blitzo found it, and we decided to into the room where he found it. there was stolas' shedded skin on top of the dead body. he shedded while he was waiting, and he also says that 'theres a limit on slapping his delicate ass'.

9th of November, 2021

i saw ao oni and markiplier combine into a creature that was purple, has a 3rd eye, and multiple fingers.

10th of November, 2021

i was minding my own business on my phone, when we get a call on the home telephone. i tried to pick up the telephone, but my arm was facing the other way. when i finally picked it up, it played a weird audio, like distorted music. it then went on voicemail, and there was someone saying something in spanish, with noise in the background. i couldnt understand it, but i remember the name 'Junas y Julien' and the number '555' somewhere. i hung up because it kept saying the sentence over and over.

16th of November, 2021

i was stuck in a parking lot that had a lot of boxes, and orange pillars(+walls). i see someone going to their car. i then see someone driving with mr. mime at the front. me and my mom go into the car, and leaves the parking space. mr. mime proceeds to talk in piano notes.

19th of November, 2021

i was at a mall's field, and there was an ice cream stall. the stall had weird flavours, especially one that stood out called 'the void (hard af)'. the flavour wass foggy, and is extremely black. i decided to steal some ice cream because no one was there, and nearly got caught because some were leaving out from the wooden door.

3rd of December, 2021

i caught someone graverobbing my grandma's grave. i saw her face while the person was holding her. she had a smooth pink baby face. i then started to make a journal on how i saw them taking my grandma away. then it cuts to me in the bathroom, im not sure what i did in there, but the bathroom felt oddly familiar. suddenly, i was with my grandma, and someone else. she kept dropping glasses like cups, and stepping on them by accident.

8th of December, 2021

i was at a school i recognize, yet i dont go there. i tried to find my clothes, because i wasn't wearing my school outfit. i then finally found it and wore it. i go to a group, and i saw a line of bottles on a table. each bottle can do something, like going batshit or be stupid. im not allowed to touch them, though. i drank one of the bottle, and tried to hide the fact about the fact that i drank half of it. someone noticed, and called the teacher on me. i left the classroom, and manage to end up in a mall, felling dizzy. i approach a nearby cctv, and it started talking. it started ask me questions, and i answered 198 questions, then i asked it to stop. the cctv was disappointed, but said that i had fun. i ran to my home, by sneaking into other homes, and doing parkour. also i managed to play granny on a kalimba.

10th of December, 2021

i was at a school in america, using a computer at the computer lab that looked like an office space. i get a paper with a few websites i can visit. i go to one website for 21 minutes. then we go home at 3pm, and i get made fun of for going to the wrong way.

17th of December, 2021

i was at this boarding school that looked like a fancy mansion, and there was labels for each room i saw at a hallway. there was a few people in a room, so i go in there. next thing i knew, someone asked me if we 'could go on a date'. i accepted his offer, and he then proceeds to stalk me. i then go to a balcony, and felt something holding my leg. it was my "boyfriend". i then shaked my leg until he slipped and fell off. i was then about to leave the baclony when i turned around, and saw dark choco cookie at the balcony, like he was about to jump off. he did jumped off, but it was the slowest fall ive ever seen. he then lands and stood there where he fell, and left. i then ran to him saying "you couldve just take off your cape to fall faster". he takes off his cape and gave it to me, then left. i then see mango wearing something tightly in the corner of my eye.

19th of December, 2021

i was in pahang, and me and my family was at this hotel that had a small pool outside. we go to the pool,. and there were people there too. i then notice something odd about the moon. i then told my mom about it because it was getting bigger. she said that theres 'nothing to be worried about', but i noticed her being concerned while looking at the moon. the moon then gets closer and closer, until it reaches to the ground, and started bouncing everywhere. the moon was the height of a giraffe. it then hits two buildings. we get out of the pool and ran to our car, and drove to the exit. we go back to get our items back, but the moon was still bouncing. it then bounced away to somewhere, and we were safe.

23rd of December, 2021

i accidentally burnt down a hypermarket, and i pretended that i was gonna go there.

25th of December, 2021

i was playing cookie run ovenbreak, and i watched a video that was in the game. herb and sparkling cookie was doing a crime. then i was in a side-story, where blueberry pie cookie was wearing a black long sleeved shirt. the shirt was tight enough for her to make movements, like my pants. it felt like i was reading a fanfiction, as blueberry's big tits slowly got closer to the screen, while i was playing. then sudden i was at my grandmother's house, i sat next to my grandma, and hugged her.

28th of December, 2021

i watched a youtube video of a mentally ill kid on a high platform, with a machine that crushes sweets in from of them. there was sounds of blending, and people at the beach. there was a british youtuber voicing over it.

29th of December, 2021

i was shopping alone at cs. i bought ramen, rice, and other stuff. I go to the cashier , and got the reciept. i then sneaked out with two guys, and didnt pay the stuff i got. i go past security, but i got caught. so i give them the item and said "sorry".

8th of January, 2022

i was in a flood, and the building im in was slowly collapsing. i looked outside and the water levels were rising dangerously. i left my phone to die in the water, and ran to my family to tell them that a flood is gonna happen. a few of my family members left to put their shoes on. some have gifts in their hand for some reason. i put on my shoes, and left my apartment. the hallway looked lavishing, like an old mansion in victorian times. there were varnish everywhere. i run to the spiral staircase, that was cramped. we were also apparently on the 100th floor. there were people wearing outfits going down. i forgot the rest lol

9th of January, 2022

i was at a japanese restaurant to play a gacha they had. the waiter told me to sit down, so i picked a random empty eat and started ordering. i felt warm, until i realised i was butt naked, like deadass. the waiter was holding my food to give it to me, but then i just screamed and ran out of the restaurant

21st of January, 2022

i invited my friendling and uno to go to the place we're in. a few days later, uno arrived first, in a grey hoodie and black pants. when we were about to leave the place, ling came in a green headscarf and pink dress. then we were outside, and both of em were nowhere to be found on a bright sunny day. except for uno, she turned into a lamp under the shade of a tree. i go under the shade too.

30th of January, 2022

i ate shit by accident

15th of February, 2022

i said "another day, another slay. and im not slaying in this pant im wearing rn".

16th of February, 2022

i was in a mall, and i was with my mom, shopping. i was singing but i couldnt hear her because i was playing the music on blast. bla bla bla i was suddenly in a roblox game, and there was minigames for each map. i decided to play a minigame where you give the baby whatever they want. dont give them what they want, and theyll turn big and red. give it the right item, and it turns back to normal. i dont remember the rest but i do remember saying "why does my mouth feel like its filled with semen?".

21st of February, 2022

my mom's work computer got a virus, and i tried to fix it but it kept getting stronger. it changedthe wallpaper, it changed the settings everytime, it kept reeking havoc. there was so much popup ads everywhere, too. i messaged this person that sent me the virus, really pissed. he blocked me. i tried to fix it, but to no avail. then mym om gives me her phone, and she beated 12-30.

26th of February, 2022

i was allowed to buy bubblegum, and i bought an old bag that included a temporary tattoo.

1st of March, 2022

i went to ikea, and ended up travelling to te future. my mama got old after i slept on a bed that was there. my dad was suddenly a guy who sells cotton floss. the outside turned into a flea market, and there was a salesman in the ikea. then when we were about to leave, the background got turned into my old school's parking lot. there was south park characters, too.

4th of March, 2022

i visited japan, and went to this old school. the school had little to no people. there was this tiled stairs that caught my attention. the stairs used the swimming pool tiles. it lead me to a room, and my two friends were there, talking about something. theres windows all around the walls. suddenly a part of the building that we were in, started flying. we were then in new york. i check who the driver was, and it was gandalf. we were then somewhere, possibly heaven. i then see my old school at the sky. so i pressed a random button, and we were suddenly in a van, driving to somewhere. the grass was bright green and had the early 2000's sparkles.

12th of March, 2022

i was in an aeroplane, with 20 other people. we then suddenly crashes onto a beach, and 15 people survived.

29th of March, 2022

i looked at r34 on deviantart.

@aero/dollieclowne, 14th of march 2022