welcom 2 da circuz city!!!!

what is clowncore ???? ,':o/

clowncore is an aesthetic that's basically centred around, well, clowns. clowncore can be enjoyed with anyone, though if you are scared of any sorts of clowns, this aesthetic might not be for you. usually, the colour palette depends on the person's preference whether it'd be bright and happy colours, or dark and mysterious colours. this aesthetic can be in many different forms such as edits, makeup, art, videos, or decorating. the most common colour scheme for this aesthetic red, yellow, blue, green, purple, or pink.

what requirements do i have to have in order to be in this aesthetic ?

everyone and anyone can be a clown !!! ^w^ hjonk hjonk. you dont need to automatically like clowns, just be sure to get used to our presence, because we do some funny business ;o3 .

are clowns racist ?

what ? ,:o| . no actually. while theres a weird reason on why white face is preferred, its not racist towards black people. if it was, it wouldve needed the completely black face, and bright red lips. clowns have existed for a long time, and their first forms are jesters, who are hired to entertain. according to my sources, clowns have existed for 2400 B.C.