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hiiiii !!! helllo hi hru hi hi hello hi hey hello ^_^!!!!!!! my (user)name's aero, and i am just a random teenager with access to the interweb ^o' . i go by many usernames (a few people have the same username as my short one), so if ya see someone with that name in the wild, feel free to ask em if theyre me, the creator of this site :-3 .

my current favourite shows are south park, panty and stocking, pac-man and the ghostly adventures, and serial experiments lain. i really like a few aesthetics that i think you might find interesting. i like weirdcore, clowncore, dreamcore, coquette, scenecore, babycore, goth, emo, pastel, pastel goth, kawaiicore, downtown girl, old money, dollette, y2k, cybercore, light and dark academia, indie, cottagecore and webcore. currently, my favourite artists (music) and bands are eminem, jazmin bean, pisse, and the oozes. i really like the concept of ARG's, there's just something really interesting about a story that viewers have to solve to understand. i also like analog horror. my current favourites are the walten files, and the mandela catalogue. i like vocaloid. i like to watch videos about windows, microsoft's history, viruses and malwares throughout history, drama, commentaries, and theories. i like to use dull colours on my drawings, because i think it's pleasing to the eye, and it makes the drawing look a bit sad.

i really like beef, because it tastes good :) and custard too, that one is REALLY yummy
Cute Polka Dotted Red Bow Tie Ribbon